Mini Course: Mastering Risk Management – The Digital Manager

We all know that projects don’t always go according to plan. So how can we manage uncertainty and risk in projects and their delivery? It can be stressful and difficult to ensure everything goes smoothly. As project managers, we may find ourselves carrying the burden of ensuring projects’ success.

This workshop will help you to manage risk effectively with your team and stakeholders through proactive, proactive risk management.

Ben will guide you through the steps of identifying and scoring risk. He will also provide a walkthrough and sample of a Risk Assumptions and Dependencies log.

What you’ll learn

How to approach risk management
RAID walkthrough
How to manage risk challenges

What you’ll be able to do

Less stress
Project control increased
Improved project delivery


RAID Log Template (.xslx)
RAID Log Sample (.xslx)
RAID Checklist (.pdf).