AWS Lambda Now Supports C# Programing

AWS Lambda, which offers “serverless” functionality for projects like app back-end services, now supports C# programming language, Amazon Web Services Inc.
Developers can use Lambda to run their code without worrying about managing servers or provisioning them. They also don’t have to pay for it as they use it.
Bryan Liston, an AWS spokesperson, stated that “Using the new, open-source.NET Core 1.0 runtime you can easily publish C# codes to AWS Lambda using a variety of popular.NET Tools.” Bryan Liston wrote in a blog last week. “.NET developers now have the ability to create Lambda functions and serverless apps using the C# language, and the.NET tools they love. Visual Studio, Yeoman and the dotnet CLI provide tooling support that allows you to deploy individual Lambda functions as well as entire serverless applications written using C# to Lambda or Amazon API Gateway.
AWS Lambda now supports four languages, including JavaScript (Node.js), Python, and JavaScript (Node.js). These languages allow developers to take advantage of the serverless approach. They can concentrate on the business logic and not maintaining or scaling the infrastructure.
Liston stated that.NET developers had not been able to benefit from this model until today. “We are excited to add C# as a supported language and allow a new group of developers to use Lambda and API Gateway for creating serverless applications.”
According to the most recent TIOBE popularity report on programming languages, C# ranked No. 6 (with Java No. 1, Python No. 1, Python No. 8). It was in the same place in an IEEE ranking, and almost always ranks in the top 10 in other similar rankings.
Liston also announced two new templates for the AWS Toolkit Visual Studio. The AWS Lambda project template creates a simple project using just one C# Lambda function. The AWS Serverless Application template creates an AWS serverless app that adheres to the AWS Serverless Application Model.
He also spoke about cross-platform development with the.NET Core API.
Liston stated that AWS Lambda is now available for C# applications using the.NET Core runtime. The AWS Lambda Developer Guide contains more information about writing C# Lambda function code. Get the AWS Toolkit Visual Studio to get started, or check out the Lambda extensions for the dotnetCLI.