AWS launches a backpack-sized snow edge device

Amazon Web Services (AWS), has been steadily growing its Snow line of portable edge computing devices and data-transfer devices since the debut of the Snowball appliance in reInvent 2015.
AWS Snowcone is the newest addition to the family. A ruggedized edge computing appliance, Snowcone, weighs 4.5 pounds and measures 9 inches tall, 6 inch wide, and 3 inches deep. AWS announced it earlier this month.
Like the other Snow devices, Snowcone is designed to bring computing power to places where Internet connectivity is difficult to get. AWS envisions snowcone being used in “environments such as desktops, data centers and messenger bags, vehicles, or in conjunction with drones” because of its small form factor.
Snowcone can be operated on battery power only, or via a power outlet, for added portability.
Snowcone features built-in Wi-Fi and networking, data encryption features, and a tamper resistant body. It is equipped with 2 CPUs, 4GB memory, and 8TB of storage.
“You can use Snowcone
AWS evangelist Jeff Barr wrote in a blog post that he recommends using AWS DataSync to help with data migration, content distribution and tactical edge computing. You can send data-laden devices to AWS offline for data transfer or you can use AWS dataSync for online data transfers.”
You can find more information about Snowcone here.