AWS Launches Cloud-Based Call Center Service

Amazon Web Services (AWS), customers can now purchase’s in-house phone call center platform. It interacts with millions of online customers worldwide.
Amazon Connect was launched by AWS on Tuesday. It is a cloud-based, low-cost contact center solution that can be deployed quickly and without the need for complex licensing or hardware configurations. It is immediately available from the Northern Virginia region. The pricing structure is pay-as you-go.
Although organizations can tap into an AWS consulting partner to help them with Amazon Connect, the solution was designed to be self-service. Amazon Connect can be used by organizations immediately through the AWS Management Console. They can create a virtual contact centre in minutes. It is also scalable, allowing users to onboard upto tens of thousand of customer service agents at once in the United States and in 18 European countries (though AWS stated that it plans to expand into other areas in the coming months).
In a blog post, Jeff Barr, AWS evangelist, stated that you pay per minute for each contact center and active phone call (inbound and outbound), as well as each contact center. The AWS Free Tier includes 90 minutes of contact center usage, two phone number (DID or toll-free), 30 minute of inbound DID calls and 30 minute of inbound toll free calls. This is all per month for an entire year.
[Click on the image to see a larger version.] Amazon Connect: Setting up a contact flow. (Source: AWS/Jeff Barr.) Amazon Connect allows organizations to customize their customers’ calls using visual contact flows. These contact flows are based on the customer’s individual needs and relevant information from other AWS services. They determine which options are available to them on an active call. These services include Amazon Lex which recognizes and interprets natural languages; AWS Lambda which allows organizations to trigger specific code in response a customer’s information; Amazon S3, which allows Amazon Connect users to store recorded calls; and Amazon Kinesis which funnels data from Amazon Connect into any supported data warehouse service to analyze.
Customer service agents can log into AWS Directory Services to monitor call center metrics in real-time using Amazon CloudWatch.
Amazon Connect can also be integrated with a variety of third-party customer relation management (CRM), helpdesk offerings and services, including those from SugarCRM, Twilio and
“Ten years ago we made the decision not to use legacy solutions to provide excellent customer service for our customers all over the world. We did so because they were too expensive and didn’t have the features we needed,” stated Tom Weiland (Vice President of Worldwide Customer Service at This choice has been a difference maker for us as it is used by our agents around world in the millions they have with customers. We are excited to offer this technology as an AWS service to customers — with all the simplicity, reliability, and cost-effectiveness that the cloud offers.