What is Cloud Computing? Cloud Introduction in AWS

Cloud computing is an integral part of every organization and place in the age of modern technology. We are also aware of how rapidly AWS and cloud computing have grown. Cloud computing is the best way to share small information or large amounts of data. Here’s an article that will explain cloud computing, AWS, and other services they offer. Cloud computing is an interesting topic. Let’s talk about it below.
What is Cloud?
The cloud refers to servers that can be accessed via the internet. Software and databases are run on these servers. Cloud servers can be found in data centers around the globe. Cloud computing allows candidates and organizations to use cloud computing without having to manage physical servers or develop software applications.
You might want to use a service that isn’t available at your location, so you can access it via cloud from another destination. Cloud is like a remote. Cloud is best understood by understanding that humans live on land or earth and need shelter, water, and air to survive. Water is obtained through the water cycle. Water doesn’t have to come from the sky. It is able to get water by itself, even though it is far from its destination. Similar functions are available with cloud. It serves you from a different location, but you still receive services at your destination.

Amazon web series (AWS), a cloud service offered by Amazon, is a form of building blocks that can be used to deploy and create any type of application.
These AWS services, or building blocks, are designed to work together and allow for the creation of highly scalable and complex applications.
AWS certification consists mainly of 3 certifications
AWS offers some of these services:
Network and Content Delivery
Management Tools
Security and Identity Compliance

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing resources, power and applications on demand via pay-as you go pricing.
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