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Gantt charts and similar tools for project planning help ensure that even the most complex projects are executed and developed to their best. These tools are growing in popularity. In 2021, project management will be the most sought-after skill. Gantt charts, which are a popular tool for project management, have seen an increase in popularity because of the increased demand for project manager skills. What are Gantt charts? How can project managers create them?
This article will discuss Gantt Chart software, its key features, functionalities, project types best suited to Gantt charts, and a list of the best Gantt Chart Software.
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What is Gantt Chart Software?
What Gantt Chart Software Can Do
Gantt charts for certain project types
Gantt Chart Software Options
Choose the right Gantt chart software
What is Gantt Chart Software?
Gantt software is a project management software that generates Gantt charts. Each Gantt software comes with its own features for planning project tasks and objectives.
Gantt charts are a great tool for capturing ideas.
What Gantt Chart Software Can Do
Henry L. Gantt was the first to create Gantt charts in order to plan production and load factory resources. They looked like tables with deliverables arranged in a time line. Gantt charts created with software still serve their original purpose, which is to visualize time constraints for project deliverables. Online Gantt chart software makes this easier.
Gantt chart creators were drawn manually by humans who highlighted dependencies, and drew charts. If there were task dependencies that could affect a project task, or project timeline, someone would have to manually redraw the schedule.
Gantt Chart Software Today
Gantt chart software is much easier than the original version. Managers can be thankful. Without having to redraw the entire project plan, you can change pesky task dependencies.
Gantt Chart Software Functionality
Gantt chart apps are available for project managers, team members, and other stakeholders to be used for a variety of purposes throughout a project’s duration.
The Gantt tool is used by project managers to create the chart. This process uses information from the work breakdown structure and project plan. Gantt chart software offers templates that project managers can use or they can create their own Gantt diagrams.
Once the schedule has been created by the project manager, team members can access the online Gantt chart software to view milestones or deliverables. This information can be used to create status reports throughout the project.
As dependencies change, the team can see updates and project managers can adjust Gantt charts. Notifications of changes are automatically sent to them.
Gantt Chart Software Features
Gantt chart software offers many features that can improve project management and workflow. These features include the ability to:
Assign tasks and resources
You can easily create and modify your project schedule
Modify the design, including column headings and chart colors.
Notify others by sending reminders, alerts, and notifications
The Gantt chart can be shared with internal and external stakeholders
Identify the most important routes
Multiple views of the project’s progress are available
Provide an overview dashboard
Gantt charts for export and import
Integrate with other software
Gantt charts for certain project types
A simple Gantt chart can show project tasks, task durations and critical paths. Task dependencies can be considered but not all dependencies in projects are obvious at the beginning.
Another consideration is the project type. Gantt charts will be created differently depending on the project type.