How to Improve Microsoft Excel Skills by 2022

MS Excel skills are highly valued, regardless of your industry. Excel is a vital tool for many professionals today, due to the rise of data visualisation and analysis roles. Microsoft Excel was originally created for businesses in 1985. It has since expanded to include almost every industry and domain, whether they are educational, business, or official.
Microsoft Excel skills can be used for many practical purposes, in addition to the standard spreadsheet functionality. Excel skills are a great asset, no matter if you’re new to the field or an expert. You can improve your skills by understanding the various elements and factors you can master.
These are the top 6 ways to master Excel without having to work too hard.
How to improve your MS Excel skills:
1. Learn how to use MS Excel formulae
Any MS Excel application must have arithmetic and logical formulae. MS Excel is a huge grid that stores data and allows for viewing and accessing it without the need to use a formula. Excel users should improve their skills and learn basic and more advanced MS Excel formulae such as IF and ELSE and AutoSum.
2. Learn how to use Excel shortcuts.
Microsoft Excel offers many shortcuts that can be used to quickly complete specific functions. These shortcuts will help you complete your tasks quickly and without having to enter details manually. These are some of the most common shortcuts that you will use:
Shift + Space -> Selects a whole column at once
– Ctrl+Space -> Selects a complete Row
– F3-> Displays the range name
– Ctrl+ / -> Selects any range from array formulae
Shift + Home -> Selects the cell range starting at the far left and ending at the beginning cell
3. Use Pivot Table Tools:
Excel’s Pivot Table tool is one of its most prominent features. It allows you to summarise, analyse, explore, and present data visually. You can create reports and visually present data faster if you know how to use pivot tables tools. Excel’s ‘Group’ feature allows you to create monthly and quarterly reports using pivot table tools.
This tool allows users to select the columns they wish to analyse, and then choose how to manipulate them. It requires a simple formula, such as adding, subtracting or averaging the data using Excel’s value field settings option.
Power Pivot table can be used to download large data sets from multiple sources. It can also process large amounts of data in seconds. Power View is a feature that can be used to create dashboards for organisations. Power Pivot, when combined with GeoFlow, is a highly functional tool that digital marketing professionals can use to visualize and sort through Big Data.