VMware Certifications Career Pathmap 2022 and Beyond

VMware Technology has made IT easier by allowing for faster deployments, higher availability, and automated operations. This article provides an overview of the path to VMware certification for professionals.
VMware (Virtual Machine Software), is a virtualization software company. This software creates an abstraction layer over the hardware. This allows the hardware elements of the computer, such as storage, processors, memory, and processors to be broken down into multiple virtual computers. These virtual machines are commonly referred to as virtual machine. Virtual machines behave like independent computers and run on their Operating System, even though they are running on the underlying hardware. Virtualization allows for more efficient use of computer hardware and a better return on investment. VMware enables private and public cloud providers to serve more users without having to modify their existing physical hardware.
VMware certifications validate the knowledge required to successfully install, deploy, and manage VMware’s products and solutions. Data Center Virtualization is the key area of virtualization.
Mobility and Desktop Virtualization
Cloud automation and management
Network virtualization
Digital Workspace
Digital Business Transformation
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There are four levels of certification available for each category. They are:
VCA: VMware Certified Associate – An entry-level certification that IT professionals who make decisions about VMware solutions can obtain.
VCP: VMware Certified Professional- This certification is for professionals who are involved in the configuration, optimization, management, and installation of VMware Solutions.
VCAP: VMware Certified Advanced Professional – An advanced level certification for professionals involved with the design, development, management, optimization, and maintenance of VMware solutions
VCDX: VMware Certified Design Specialist – The highest level of certification for IT professionals working with VMware systems.
Top VMware certifications
The job role and designation of the IT professional will determine which VMware certification is the best. Here are some: VCP- DCV 2019: VMware Certified Professional – Data Center Virtualization 2019
This certification is very popular and recognizes the ability to manage and implement vSphere. Non-VCP holders must have vSphere experience. Candidates must pass the VCP-DCP exam as well as the vSphere Foundations Exam. Other requirements are dependent on valid VMware certifications. VMware vSphere: Install Configure, Manage
This certification is for System administrators and engineers. It covers configuring, installing and managing VMware vSphere 6.7, which includes vCenter Server 6.7, and VMware ESXi.