New HPE Certification: HPE-ATP Network Automation V.10

Hewlett Packard released a new professional level certification in its IT management track on the 1st March. This certification is called HPE ATP – Network Automation v.10. It evaluates candidates’ ability to apply, setup and manage HPE Network Automation Ultimate Edition 10.x software for automating network change control and compliances.
This certification is for IT professionals, specifically network administrators and engineers. It allows them to manage, configure, track, regulate and control changes to HPE Network Automation Ultimate Edition 10.x software over multiple networks belonging different vendors. It also endorses integration of cloud computing, data centers virtualization, and other advanced services. Candidates should have at least 6 months of NA field experience, certification training, and/or compatible skills.
The HPE ATP – Network Automation v.10 certification validates candidates’ skills in NA installation and prerequisites, NA discovery and network catalog configurations, and ability to visualize dependencies, snapshots, and store device information in real-time. You should also know how to automate network changes and configure changes, standardize changes, enforce workflows, and approve. You should also be able support your network, perform admin tasks, troubleshoot assets reporting, adjust activities, and provide compliance.
You will be able to demonstrate your professional NA qualifications in network lifecycle automation by earning the HPE Network Automation certification. This will allow you to stand out from other professionals in the field. Employers value this certification and it opens up new horizons for network administrators. It expands your skills in change management and business critical technologies. This includes tracking, regulating and automating configuration changes across multivendor networks. You will be a key business enabler in your company’s network team by obtaining HPE Network Automation certification. This certification allows you to deal with constantly changing networks, new technologies, and collaborative apps.
To become certified, candidates must pass one exam: HPE Network Automation 10.x Software.
This exam is proctored in English and lasts 1 hour 30 minutes. It has 60 questions and a passing score of 65%. There are multiple types of questions, including single, multiple-choice and matching questions. You can schedule the exam online or at Pearson VUE testing centres. You will need your HPE Learner ID to submit Pearson VUE registration. This can be obtained by registering online at HPE Learning Center. For an additional fee, you can cancel or reschedule your exams.
The HPE Network Automation 10.x Software exam validates candidates’ knowledge in these areas:
– Network Automation Basics (28% exam content): NA concepts, technology, knowledge about My Workspace, adding and managing devices, device groups, users, groups, and roles.
– Discovering & Tracking (18% exam): Management of device configurations and templates, events and notifications, and diagnostics.
– Changes & Configurations (17%): Knowledge about tasks and workflows management, ACLs and software deployment
– Audit and Enforcement (15%): Management and usage of command scripts, reports and policy assurance
– Maintenance and Support (22%): Installation, administration, basic troubleshooting, tools and procedures. Support and resources.
There are no pre-requisites