WebAssign: Reschedule Assignments in Four Steps or Less

Reading Time: 1 minuteDue to the constantly changing environment that can disrupt campus schedules, it may be necessary to make changes to your class schedule quickly. This article will help you quickly adjust multiple due dates or reschedule assignments in relation to your class meeting time.
These are the 4 steps you need to follow to reschedule assignments using WebAssign.
Option 1: Reschedule assignments by days or weeks
Please scroll down to option 2 if your assignments are scheduled based upon class meeting time or a specific day of the week.
1. Click Multi-Select on the Reschedule Assignments Page.

2. Choose the assignments that you wish to change.

3. Next, choose the Add or subtract days option.

4. Select the number of days you want to add to your due dates and then click Apply to Selected Assignment.

Option 2: Reschedule Assignments relative to a Class Meeting
Alternativly, if your assignments were due at the same time as your class, you can change them by going to the course schedule page.
1. Select Schedule from the assignment list.

2. If necessary, move the due date of the assignment to a later week.
Simply click and drag the assignment onto the appropriate week tab. WebAssign will update your due date using your original class schedule.
3. Alternately click on the blue action menu to edit or move to a different week.

You need more help? For a step-by–step guide, watch the video tutorial.