Top 11 Coding Books For Beginners: Worth Reading

You will read a lot of books if you want to get a degree in computer programming at university. You would expect that college programming courses would require a lot of study. But, if you are an amateur trying to learn, is reading the best way to learn?
It can!
We have compiled a list with 11 top coding books for beginners. Here are our top picks!
It’s easy to follow along with well-organized content. You’ll also learn in a progressive way.
These are easy enough for beginners. You won’t feel as if you were thrown into the deep end when you learn to swim.
They emphasize hands-on learning so you can actually implement what you have learned.

Are you ready to learn how code? Let’s get started!
11 Best Coding Books For Beginners
1. Think Like a Programmer: A Guide to Creative Problem Solving
Author: V Anton Spraul
August 2012: The Latest Edition
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This book is designed to help you improve your programming skills in all programming languages. It will also help you to develop the problem-solving skills that are necessary to be a successful programmer. This book will help you to break down problems into smaller pieces and how to choose the best data structure for maximum success.
You’ll learn how to:
Approach problems from a coder’s perspective
Choose the best approach to solving problems
You can be a creative, innovative programmer who can solve complex problems.

2. Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship
Author: Robert Martin
Version 2009
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Coding success doesn’t happen in a linear fashion. A website or app that functions well does not need to be written by a skilled coder. Bad code is just as common as good code. However, bad code can cause disastrous results. Clean Code provides the tools you need to create code that will withstand the test and keep website bugs and crashes to a minimum.
You’ll learn how to:
You can tell the difference between good and bad code
Rewrite bad code to make it work.
How to test code to ensure it is built to last

3. HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites
Author: Jon Duckett
Latest Edition: 11 Edition
Amazon: Buy
You want to learn how to code but not to become a programmer. You are part of the growing population who needs to learn a little coding to manage your home-based or work place business, or to do simple jobs.
Instead of diving into the complexities of code, HTML & CSS: Design and Create Websites will teach you the basics to maintain existing systems and make small updates to your personal websites.
Learn how to:
In an approachable manner, you can code HTML and CSS.
Make your work or personal website more appealing
Simple code to update websites

4. Coding All-In One for Dummies
Author: Nikhil Abraham
Latest Edition: May 2017
Amazon: Buy
The ‘Dummies’ series is known for its easy-to-follow books. Coding All in One for Dummies is no exception. To learn the basics of any web language, you don’t have to be a programmer. This book will help you build a solid foundation for creating powerful websites and apps. This is a great book for beginners.
Learn how to:
Code for web and apps
Learn the languages that drive data science
Problems that arise while writing or fixing code

5. A Step-By-Step Coding Course for Beginners: Learn Computer Programming The Easy Way
Author: DK
January 2020 – Latest Edition
Amazon: Buy
This step-by-step coding guide is perfect for those who have a learning style that requires them to break down and then implement the pieces before moving onto new concepts. Coding will feel easy with the help of many photos and examples. You will first explore the problem and then work slowly to find the solution.
You’ll learn how to:
You can think like a programmer and break down problems into smaller pieces
Three of the most widely used languages are JavaScript, Python and Scratch.
You will be able to confidently approach any problem that you might face by knowing the basics of many other coding languages

6. The Pragmatic Programmer: Your Path To Mastery, 20th anniversary Edition
Author: David Thomas, Andrew Hunt
The 20th Anniversary Edition is the most recent edition
Amazon: Buy
The Pragmatic Programmer, one of the most popular programming books of the century, has been completely remastered to meet the needs of modern programmers in this 20th-anniversary edition. The book covers topics such as career development and personal responsibility, as well as techniques for writing flexible and adaptable code.
How to:
Protect against vulnerable security systems
Create flexible code that can easily be modified as needed
To ensure strength, put your code through a variety of tests