Where do Data Scientists come from?

If you pay any attention to your LinkedIn feed, or articles about emerging jobs you will have probably noticed the term “Data Scientist” popping up more often. What is missing in the conversation about data science? Where do data scientists come form?
Although data science is clearly gaining prominence in tech and business circles, there are still key details missing.
Where did these valuable human resources come from? Where are they located? What do they eat?
Data scientists are a common stock.
Here’s the answer to where data scientists are from and if your profile matches the criteria for someone with data-science potential.
Data scientists can have a Master’s degree in any field or a Bachelor of Science in STEM.

Because of the recent nature of development data science, there isn’t an established academic track.
People who are able to transition into data science have a lot of academic credentials. Data scientists are often able to use their research and statistics skills, thanks to a master’s degree or fluency in data, computers, and tech that they have gained from their bachelor’s program.
In fact, 88% of those who have chosen data science are from the above backgrounds.
They have been working for a few years and have been out of school for a while.

Data scientists are highly valued because they have real-world experience, and can understand the systems, trends, and inner-workings within their industries. Data science allows people to combine their wisdom and experience with the tools and software that computers use to execute their insights.
After being out of school for a few years, they felt restricted in their career choices

While a Master’s degree may be a proof of your elite status, it can also lock you into a specific research or academic career. Many people with high-level educational credentials have been able jump from the ivory tower to the top at progressive companies in the private sector thanks to data science.
Data scientists expect to make six figures or more

A solid understanding of the value of your work is a key part of being a good at numbers. Data scientists know this.
Data scientists are the ones making smart-tech smart. The average starting salary in this field is $130,000. Manager-level salaries are about $250,000.
Excel excelled for data scientists.

The “Data Scientist” part of “Data Scientist” is important. The field thrives on people who are able to work with both structured and unstructured data. These people are often the ones who feel stuck querying databases and want them to be used. Data science is a game-changer in many companies.
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