Which Software Developers Make The Most Money?

There are a few key factors to consider when asking software developers which companies make the most money in today’s workforce.
What level of experience do you have? What languages are you fluent in? Where are you from? Which company are your current employees?
These questions were asked and we found some key trends that could affect your salary. If you want to be one of the top software developers in the world, here are some key trends that you should follow:
Learn a niche language

Live in a city that is known for its tech community (San Francisco or LA, Seattle).

You can work for one of the top tech companies;

You will gain a lot of experience.

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Software developers were paid the highest if…
They are fluent in a niche language
The more people who are fluent in a language, then the greater demand for specialized skills. The limited number of employees means that companies will fight for their employees. To attract people, they must pay more. The problem is that there are fewer jobs available for these languages. Dice Tech released a report in 2019 on the top skills in this industry. They found that Go was the most lucrative language to learn, along with skills such as how to use Amazon services. In 2018, the average salary for Go was $132 827.
It’s the opposite when it comes to the number jobs.
The lower the salary, the more jobs there are. Which language is the best balance between high salary and job opportunities? We can compare Dice Tech’s report to see which programming languages are most in demand and which languages pay more than $100,000. However, Perl, which has the fewest jobs, is the highest-paid language.
Rank in our Top 7.
Yearly pay
$105, 164
4 / 5

If you are lucky enough to land a job, it is clear that learning a niche language will pay off. But does that really make a difference in the grand scheme? Even if you have more money, it could be harder to find a job.
It’s worth learning a niche, highly-paid language. It would be safer to have a backup, better-known language. Java seems to be the best language for software developers looking to make the most money.
Live in a tech hub
It is clear that location matters. Your salary can vary by thousands of dollars depending on where you live. PayScale says San Francisco is the most highly paid area. This is clearly Silicon Valley’s dominant area. However, if you are looking for a more lucrative location, Seattle might be a good choice.
Not everyone has the luxury to change their lives and move to a new place. These areas are also expensive to live in. Although big cities may attract the highest salaries, they are often the most expensive places in which to live. New York City is a prime example of this.
Remote work is still a viable option for many tech companies. Coders in Kansas City now have the option to work for a Silicon Valley firm. While their salary might not be as high as if they lived there, it will still be very competitive for the market value in Kansas City or any other city in which they live.
You can work for one of the top tech companies
This is quite obvious. Amazon, for example, pays around $133,000 per senior software developer. These companies expect a lot more of their programmers. They expect the best talent and everyone is interested in joining them. The competition is fierce.
It’s worth the effort. Microsoft pays about $120,000 for a software engineer. Amazon is close behind at $115,000. Targeting big names is the best way to get the highest salary.
You will gain a lot of experience
The more programming knowledge you have and the longer you have been in the industry, you will get paid more. PayScale estimates that a software developer with just one year of experience will earn around $75,000. A software developer with one year of experience is likely to make around $75,000. However, someone with 20 years would earn about $111,000. There are many ways to get that experience. It doesn’t have to be with one company. You can also do projects for yourself.